I am Kelly Ann Raver, from Upstate New York (think cows, not sky scrapers.) My education came from attending undergrad at Sage College of Albany for my BFA in Graphic and Media Design and  going to  Southern New Hampshire University for my Masters in Marketing.  I have 10 years of experience, and it is the reason my work is so refined.
I not only have my own freelance business doing design and illustrstion, but my pastel fine art work  has become extremely successful, too and has made a name for myself locally.  When I was starting out there was an article in Entrepreneur Magazine about how nervous I was as a new artist and designer. See article:
 I have proven to endure, and my creativity overflows with a lot of passion.
My portfolio has a lot of creative things. I borrow a lot of styles from throughout Art History and from designs found in nature. I also have a style and niche of my own. I have a great eye for color, detail and space.   
I am an educated and experienced professional and charge professional rates for my services.
I WILL NOT be doing any work for anyone without either a video chat or a telephone chat to get to meet you, no exceptions. You will actually need to speak with me.  I  will also not be doing work without a written contract and a non-refundable deposit.
I have had a history of people filling out my contact form for various scams, to try to sell me services, to sell me followers, to get me to sell my work for NFTs,  and for a lot of non design purposes which I will not reply to.  If you contact me, I will be doing my homework about your business. If I find no information about you or your business online, I probably will not be responding, either.  Just the heads up because I do not have time for BS. 
Thank you!
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