I am Kelly Ann Raver from Upstate New York (think cows, not sky scrapers.) I have experience and skills in a lot of areas in the design and marketing industry. I went to undergrad at Sage College of Albany for my BFA in Graphic and Media Design and to Southern New Hampshire University for my Masters in Marketing.  Currently, I am in Adobe VIP Experience Boot Camp for Premiere Pro, and I WILL NEVER STOP LEARNING.  
My portfolio has a lot of creative things. I borrow a lot from Art History and nature and have a good eye for color and detail.  
I hate the term "clean design" because no one can really explain exactly what that means. I prefer to say that I create designs to effectively communicate on a visual and emotional level and will be aesthetically pleasing.  
In 2021, I got my Catskill Cat poster/ postcard series in many stores in the Catskill Region and ran (and still run) a successful Etsy shop (Link in footer). I was nominated for an ADDY Award and was featured  in articles in both Entrepreneur Magazine and Start Ups Magazine:
It is now the end of January 2022, and I have already entered two of my illustration pieces in the World Illustration Awards. You have to swim with big fish  sometimes if you ever want to be caught.
I am on the Autism Spectrum. What does that mean to you? Absolutely Freaking Nothing. I could not do all of the things above and in the portfolio pages if I wasn't a rock star designer. I just think differently than others and that is a very good thing!
Favorite Artists: Mucha, van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Beardsley
Favorite Designers: Luba Lukova, Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast, Aaron Draplin
Favorite Pet: my Siamese cat named Willow (but I will never tell my other pets that.)
Current Favorite Band: Måneskin
Things I hate: Milk, Micromanagers, Loud Noises (But do not mind crowds), passive aggressiveness,  people that do not accept that others are different from them, and cold weather.
Five qualities that describe me:
1. Ambitious
2. Inquisitive
3. Humble
4. Meticulous
5. Honest
Message me if you...,
have a full-time position I may be interested in relative to the creative industry, a freelance gig or project, or just want to talk about art or design and how I can help you with that.  I do have most of the prices of normal work projects figured out and will be happy to discuss.
Don't message me if you....
 Want to talk to me about hooking up, to tell me I have a "nice smile" or some other unwanted compliment from a complete stranger (Weirdo), bitcoin. or to tell me you can make my website get more traffic. Also do not contact me if you cannot speak to me on the phone or in person about your project.  I only do projects with people I physically speak to about what we are working on together.
I think I have heard it all. I can't believe I even have to list this on my site. The bots and scammers are out in full force and I do not have time for anything other than professional relationships with good clients and employers.
Thank you!
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