The Death Tapestry
Death is a tapestry I designed a wove during a more recent dark period of my life, when I was feeling rather helpless. I worked through my issues, but this is to remind me that had I given up, I would have never completed this project, or got to see how much better my future would bring. 

I utilized weaving, crewel work, sewing, knitting, and embroidery stitches. I used gold ribbon to wrap the one tooth, just to give him some charactor. The back of this tapestry is covered with a sheet of black felt which is attached with yarn in a blanket stitch.

Once finished with this, all I could imagine was to have it hung from a human bone. While being talented in a lot of different areas, I referred to my husband, Howard Raver, to carve a femur out of wood. The femur is a leg bone that attaches to the hip. This took weeks of working on and off for him, and I was very particular. The end result was so spectacular, that I am giving him equal credit for this creation. I entered it into a juried gallery show, so we will see where Death takes us.
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