Personalized Wine Barrel Graphic

My husband makes wine. He is not licensed, so we do not sell it. However, I have given him a logo and if you look at my profile, you will see some of the labels I have created for his wine and mead, to give as gifts.This Christmas I ordered a personalized wine barrel with a design I created with my husband's wine logo. When we got the barrel the company had really screwed up the wood (large scrapes over the design) and I returned it, fought it, and got my money back through PayPal. We found another company that does personalized wine barrels (and for actually less money than the first company for twice the size- This one is 10L.) Today our wine barrel finally arrived. It had to be lightly toasted instead of fully charred on the inside (You do that for wine. Booze gets full charred.).  This took a really long time. But, it is finished and finally here! This is probably the nicest thing I think I ever bought my husband. For anyone interested, the company is American Oak Barrel.  Anyway, I am only showing you the front here. The back has a short declaration of my love written in a script font to my husband, and that is personal. He actually is going to use this barrel for wine making. That is what I wanted- for him to use it. There is a whole process of soaking the inside with water and it has to swell before you can put wine in it, but that is a whole different story.
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