Rip Van Winkle
I wanted to do a follow up poster to my Catskill Cat poster series, which became strangely wildly popular, even with having me mentioned in Startups and Entrepreneur Magazines over the fear of success.

This poster celebrates my local area, living just miles from the Catskill Mountains, and my love for Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle. I love this tale so much I have several versions of this book, with many different variations of illustration. One of the classic books has an illustration of the forest spirits that Rip supposedly invibed with, observing him sleeping. I did my own version incorporated other fae, also shown throughout the book. I used pastel, conte pencil, acrylic and oil marker/ pens, and also digital (Photoshop) to create my work. I am going to be selling this in my Etsy shop at Raver Press and in local stores. My posting of this on social media has already had a lot of interest. I do not know if this will be as profitable as the Catskill Cats.
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