Sailors Take Warning Textile Weaving
This is the first time I wove anything. I recently bought a rigid loom with a heddle bar from Fumen Studio. I have been looking at a lot of fabric arts, and decided to try weaving. I watched a lot of videos to learn basic weaving techniques.  

This was woven spontaniously with no planning. And hung on a piece of driftwood.

We use to live by the ocean on the East Coast, hence the title "Sailors Take Warning" from the old adage:

Red Sky in the Morning, 
Sailors Take Warning. 
Red Sky at Night, 
Sailor's Delight.

I have included the visual steps I took, photographing daily, which led up to the completed weaving. I also realize now, that I am addicted to weaving and really want to buy more yarn. Maybe even eventually buy a bigger loom
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