Stained Glass Reproduction Personal Project
I was never overtly religious. I grew up being forced to go to church, and found the pastor and my family, as well as the congregation very hypocritical. But, I loved art and had a chance to study Art History in Germany in the 90's while stationed there in the Army. I was able to visit cathedrals and was totally taken by the beauty of the really old stained glass that churches had.

Fast forward to this summer, when I  started freelancing for an antique and sculpture dealer that had some beautiful stained glass pieces. One day I was just perusing the Facebook Marketplace and found this ad for an over 160 year old beautiful stained glass piece from a Church in Boston. I decided then and there that I wanted to recreate it in the only way I could.

I used my skills at Illustrator and pecked away at this in my spare time on and off between jobs, or when I was not interested in what was on TV at night. Finally, I finished this 11/27/21. I do not know what I will do with it. It hasn't brought me closer to God, but it has greatly improved my Illustrator skills. And, one thing I noticed: They made a mistake in the original. The triangular trim in the right top of the original is upside down. Someone probably paid dearly for that! LOL

The first image is my work. Nothing has been traced, and some stuff is not exact. But, it is as close as I could make of it, and I am very proud of my work. The second image is the ad from Facebook that I used as reference.

The strangest part of this was that when I took a break from working on this at lunch time, we ended up parked next to a truck from someone that manufactures stained glass. Weird Coincidence!

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